Metal Gear Solid® 4: Guns of the Patriots

The Complete Official Guide


Old dog, new tricks

Developed on-site at the Konami studios in Tokyo, this is the 100% complete guide to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Kojima’s latest creation is a game you could complete a dozen times and still not encounter everything it has to offer. That’s why this guide is packed to bursting point with hidden items, optional routes, unlockable rewards, Easter eggs and miscellaneous secrets. For those who want to enjoy Kojima Productions’ epic adventure to its fullest, Metal Gear Solid 4: The Complete Official Guide is an essential purchase.


All special abilities and combat techniques explained, including advanced CQC, stealth tactics, expert marksmanship and gadget applications.

Detailed, comprehensive Inventory chapter reveals all specialist hardware, weapons and items.

Multiplayer strategies reveal the best sniping spots, game type rules and much more.

Complete, spoiler-free walkthrough for the “Big Boss Hard” difficulty level, suitable for all skill settings. Includes detailed annotated maps for all areas.


Exclusive extra features, including complete series story synopsis and character biographies.

Incredible, all-encompassing guide to all of MGS4’s secrets – from hidden items and alternative routes, to Easter eggs and game completion rewards.


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EditionStandard EditionCollector’s Edition
Release date6/12/20086/12/2008
BonusNumbered lithograph by Yoji Shinkawa. 16 page Solid Snake Art chapter with a selection of the best art from the MGS series.
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The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Metal Gear Solid® 4: Guns of the Patriots Complete Official Guide available in one easy download.