Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2008

Official Guide & Coaching DVD


Talent alone is not enough!

As with real-life football, anyone can play PES 2008 – but without expert coaching, you’ll never make the grade in top-flight competition.

This 170-page Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Official Guide provides the  information and analysis you need to take your game to another level. It  includes an 80-minute Coaching DVD that demonstrates key moves and  tricks in a manner that makes learning new techniques enjoyably easy.  What’s more, the special “Behind the Scenes” DVD also offers a  long-awaited glimpse at Seabass and the Pro Evo development team at work  for you to watch with a healthy mixture of curiosity and barely  concealed envy.


The massive Coaching Manual chapter reveals everything you need to know to take your PES playing skills to the next level, and can be used in conjunction with the Coaching DVD, or as a stand-alone reference guide.

A bonus DVD features an exclusive “Behind the Scenes” documentary filmed on location at the PES development studios in Tokyo.

Huge Team & Player Guide chapter offers detailed statistics on more than 100 major teams and thousands of players. In top-flight PES play, forewarned really is forearmed.

The Tactics & Strategies chapter explains the strategic features and functions that can help you tip the odds in your favour before your team even leaves the dressing room.

With over 80 minutes of next-gen footage and expert commentary, the easy-to-use Coaching DVD shows you how to improve every area of your game.


The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2008 Official Guide available in one easy download.


EditionStandard Edition
Release date26/10/2007
Price£9.99 / EUR 14.99
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