About Us


The image above tells our story: we started in 1999 with the 148-page guide to Metal Gear Solid when the internet was in its infancy and games took ten hours to complete. Twenty-four years later, we’ve published the 496-page guides to Tears of the Kingdom (collector’s edition and standard edition) in five languages and across four continents. The book spines above show how games have grown in size and complexity over time. This has in-turn created demand for detailed, all-inclusive guides, which offer a physical extension to their games.

We frequently get asked why we still publish guidebooks when so much is available on the internet for free. And the short answer is: our fans, our product, and our team.

Yes, the internet offers free info on every game released, but that is not what we do. We select one game every year or so, and we invest all of our resources into creating the exclusive, complete official guide to that title. We have the industry’s largest guide development team, composed of authors, designers, translators, map, screenshot and functionality editors.

We work hand-in-hand with the best game studios in the world, which ensures our guides are 100% complete – offering hidden game parameters, developer insights, hi-res maps, official concept art – and a simultaneous release with the game.

Each new guide project presents opportunities for innovation; be those chapter concepts, gameplay flowcharts, screenshot technologies, data tables, no-spoiler solutions, instant-search tools, custom layouts, enhanced production values and new editions (collector’s, deluxe, expanded, and interactive map).

Through close collaboration with the game studio, each of our guides becomes a tangible display of everything in the game, a collector’s item and a companion that showcases the gameplay, creativity, technical genius, and vision of the team.

The image above displays our guide catalogue, which is available for you to browse through here.  

The Piggyback Team