Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The Complete Official Guide


Revengeance: A dish best served with cold, hard facts!

“Every replay of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will reveal a new level of gameplay and a heightened – at times, seemingly insurmountable – level of difficulty. This is an adventure that all who begin it may complete, in a rudimentary sense, but few can hope to master. Beating its most demanding challenges will require supreme composure and exemplary skill… or, perhaps more realistically, a trusted companion and advisor with whom to walk the path to true completion. If you are reading this, you need not look far. This guide will be a friend beyond compare, especially during Raiden’s more demanding trials as he faces unique enemies in this awe-inspiring Metal Gear world. It is not merely a knowledgeable and relaxed tutor, but also an endless source of fascinating and otherwise secret information. But then, would you expect any less from a Piggyback guide?”

Yuji Korekado, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Producer


100% COMPLETE: All ranked battles, optional challenges and maximum-score walkthroughs for all VR Missions – this is your ticket to 100% completion.

ALL SECRETS: All unlockables, all bonuses, all collectible items, all hidden areas, all titles, all optional Codec conversations, all Achievements and all Trophies… it’s all here!

ALL-ENCOMPASSING REFERENCE CHAPTER: In-depth analysis for all game systems including moves, combos, unlockables, upgrades, weapons, items, “secret” stats and insider information… and much more.


HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CRASH COURSE: Clear and concise explanations introduce the essential gameplay concepts. Play with confidence from the moment the action begins!

PERFECT GUIDE TO ULTIMATE RATINGS: Features advanced guides for every major combat encounter, with multiple approaches to score “S-Rank” finishes in all battles, on all difficulty levels – including the special Revengeance mode.

VERSATILE WALKTHROUGH FOR COMPLETIONISTS & BEGINNERS ALIKE: Covers every last step of the game. Includes detailed maps and annotated screenshots for at-a-glance solutions and effortless hunting of collectibles.


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Release date2/19/20132/19/2013
BonusExclusive 16-page cast gallery with commentaries from the development team. Includes an exclusive, numbered lithograph by concept artist Yoji Shinkawa.
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The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Complete Official Guide available in one easy download.



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