Halo® 2

The Official Guide


Strategy evolved from Piggyback

Developed on-site at the Bungie studios and written by the elite Piggyback team, this Official Guide includes an encyclopedia on Halo® 2’s multiplayer component, a full, highly accessible walkthrough for the epic Campaign mode and everything on basic play: all in one book.


Exclusive game information – direct from the developers!

Detailed annotated maps: outwit multiplayer opponents with your intimate knowledge of level architecture

Study all features of multiplayer maps, from power-up locations to “secret” areas, attack routes and more

Includes an exhaustive rundown of preset and custom game types – design your own multiplayer match and attract the best crowd

Features hundreds of digital screenshots to illustrate key points

Packed with tips, tactics and techniques from the Bungie team

Learn about every adversary, vehicle and weapon – their strengths and shortcomings and how you can exploit these

Confi dently negotiate the huge Campaign mode with our exclusive maps and step-by-step walkthrough

Designed to enhance the Halo 2 experience for newcomers and Halo: Combat Evolved veterans alike


The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Halo® 2 Official Guide available in one easy download.


EditionStandard Edition
Release date11/9/2004
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