Final Fantasy® XIII

The Complete Official Guide


A labor of love from our team of devoted Final Fantasy veterans, Final Fantasy XIII: The Complete Official Guide is a comprehensive, lavishly-crafted and – if we may be so bold – downright essential companion for all players who intend to enjoy the full FFXIII experience. Structured for maximum ease of use, it features everything from measured step-by-step guidance to analysis of hidden gameplay mechanics. Whether you use it as a well-thumbed reference tool, or make it a near-permanent fixture on your lap until you conquer every last challenge, this 100% complete guide will answer every question you may have – and, indeed, many you might never have thought of…


The Strategy & Analysis chapter exposes hidden mechanics, advanced battle tactics and techniques to obtain the best rewards. Crystarium, Eidolons, Paradigms & roles, character development paths, synthesized abilities – it’s all in here!

All secrets included: every side-quest, every mini-game, every bonus, every Trophy and every Achievement revealed and explained.

Carefully designed to minimize unnecessary story spoilers.

The all-encompassing Inventory and Bestiary chapters contain comprehensive lists, tables and charts that reveal all notable attributes (including hidden stats) for every object and adversary encountered.

With detailed area maps and finely tuned guidance, the Walkthrough chapter charts the most rewarding path through the main storyline and all optional side-quests.


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EditionStandard EditionCollector’s Edition
Release date3/9/20103/9/2010
BonusComprehensive story recap, illustrated with exclusive artwork.
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The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Final Fantasy XIII Complete Official Guide available in one easy download.