Dragon Age II

The Complete Official Guide



“In the Dragon Age II guide you’ll find detailed quest information, strategies for building and deploying your character and companions, tactics to master the new responsive combat mechanics and cross-class combos, and a number of secrets that might have slipped past you otherwise. The team at Piggyback have taken great pains to ensure this guide is all you need to savor the Champion of Kirkwall’s rise to power.”

Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer of Dragon Age II


A detailed 28-page review of major events in the story to date, including an authoritative Dragon Age encyclopedia.

A full breakdown of all major systems and underlying mechanics, including attributes, talents, spells, threat management, status effects, cross-class combos – and so much more.

Bestiary section with comprehensive appraisals of all enemy archetypes, behavior patterns, individual strengths and weaknesses, elemental resistances, and loot drops.

Discover the location of every notable container and item, including locked treasure chests and rare collectibles in the Maps chapter.

Our user-friendly walkthrough has clear instructions, tailor-made tutorials and proven tactics that lead you through the main plot, step by step.

The all-encompassing inventory chapter explains how to obtain every last item: weapons, armor, accessories, companion upgrades, gifts, crafting ingredients… yes, it’s all in here!

Unlock requirements, branching paths and long-term consequences for all quests and optional activities – everything you need for 100% completion.


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Release date3/8/20113/8/2011
BonusThe Collector’s Edition features an exclusive 16-page section filled with bonus material and previously unpublished art.
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The Official Mini Guide

The 16 pages in this mini guide are taken from the Complete Official Guide to Dragon Age II, and act as a brief preview of the encyclopedia of knowledge on offer in the full 288-page book.

The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Dragon Age II Complete Official Guide available in one easy download.