Resident Evil 5

The Complete Official Guide


The complete antidote

Resident Evil 5 – The Complete Official Guide is one of the most ambitious Piggyback projects to date. Featuring an unprecedented level of insider knowledge from the Capcom development staff, and over 1,200 hours of research from our elite editorial team, it is an indispensable companion for any fan seeking to enjoy every last moment of this huge horror adventure. No matter the level of assistance you require, our guide has all the answers you need – and many more that you might not have thought to ask.


An extensive Behind the Scenes section features stunning concept art and exclusive insights from the Capcom development team.

Our “super-visual” Walkthrough chapter is designed for the highest difficulty level, but is applicable to all settings.

The comprehensive Extras chapter reveals additional costumes, bonus weapons, hidden treasure, Emblems, Achievements and Trophies – it’s all in here!

The exhaustive Bestiary and Inventory chapters offer everything you need to prepare yourself for each fight. Use our expert advice to transform even the toughest foe into a fleeting inconvenience.


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EditionStandard EditionCollector’s Edition
Release date13/03/200913/03/2009
BonusExtra Content: extended 16-page Art Gallery section. High quality hardcover with deboss and spot UV logo effect. Sheet-fed print on select 135-g/m² paper with stitch binding.
ISBN 978-1-906064-41-9 978-1-906064-36-5
Price£12.99 / EUR 15.99£19.99 / EUR 25.99
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The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Resident Evil 5 Complete Official Guide available in one easy download.