Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2009

Official Guide and Coaching DVD

The Perfect Team

This is the fourth PES guide released by Piggyback, and we feel that it’s the strongest we’ve created to date. The whole purpose of the guide (and the accompanying Coaching DVD) isn’t just to show you how to perform moves, or use specific features: it’s designed to broaden your playing horizons, to offer inspiration on different ways to approach each match.

 It’s not our goal to “solve” PES, because it’s really not that type of game. We offer hundreds (perhaps thousands) of insights, tips and techniques, and we wouldn’t claim that any one is truly indispensable – you don’t need to even touch the tactical options at the Formation Settings screen to enjoy a match, nor have an encyclopaedic grasp of button commands for advanced tricks and techniques to win one. But whenever you have a question, or a desire to improve your game in some way, large or small, we’ve got plenty to say on all the subjects that matter.


Contains more than 60 minutes of instructive gameplay footage, including an all-new Tactics & Strategies masterclass. If you want to be a better player, seeing really is believing

Features expert tips and analysis designed to improve your build-up play and success in front of goal

Frustrate friends and rivals with our tried-and tested defensive techniques

Full button commands and instructions for all moves, including special skills and unique “signature” tricks

Written with exclusive contributions and assistance from the PES 2009 development team


The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2009 Official Guide available in one easy download.


EditionStandard Edition
Release date17/10/2008
Price£12.99 / EUR 15.99
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