Gran Turismo® 4

The Official Guide


Simply Essential

This is the essential guide for all Gran Turismo® 4 players. Designed for novices and experienced drivers, this easy-to-use guide gives you comprehensive feedback on every relevant subject.

Developed by the largest R&D team ever assembled at Piggyback, this guide is the meeting point of expert drivers, specialist writers, mechanical engineers and thousands of Gran Turismo® 4 gamers. The latter contributed their experience, winning tactics and record fast lap times through our dedicated Online League. Having refined all of the data from all sources, this book is now the product of more than 40,000 play hours covering a period of six months.

In six all-encompassing chapters, we feature both fundamental and advanced racing techniques, a definitive guide to car tuning, every track analysed in depth, optimal paths to a 100% Game Completion percentage, how to unlock every car, how to beat every single license and mission… and so much more. With enough material to produce five books distilled into one massive tome, this is the ultimate Gran Turismo® 4 reference guide.


Detailed rundown on the tuning categories and their corresponding options

Detailed overview of racing controls, game modes and options

An individual presentation of each track, analysed in both directions

Overview of all cars to help you choose your optimal vehicle

Tried-and-tested driving tips for all license tests


The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Gran Turismo® 4 Official Guide available in one easy download.


EditionStandard Edition
Release date03/06/2005
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