Dragon Quest™ The Journey of the Cursed King

The Complete Official Guide


The complete Piggyback guide reveals every Dragon Quest™ secret!

Piggyback’s Official Guide has more than 230 colour pages, and is packed with stunning exclusive artwork and previously unreleased information.

Developed over a period of seven months in close collaboration with Square Enix, this guide reveals everything you need to know about this critically acclaimed RPG. It includes exhaustive lists of all spells, abilities, items and alchemy pot recipes. A unique sealed “Top Secrets” section documents all post-game hidden features to minimise the risk of spoilers for those who wish to avoid them. With the help of the guide’s comprehensive and accessible maps, you need never miss a single item. If you’re finding combat a trial, the monster chapter provides expert boss strategies for beating each of the minions of darkness.

If you want a 100% completion rating, or simply need a little guidance from time to time, the Dragon Quest™: The Journey of the Cursed King Official Guide is an essential companion.


Revealed: All secrets, side-quests and minigames

Includes: World map showing locations of treasure chests and infamous monsters

Comprehensive: Exhaustive lists of all spells, abilities, items and alchemy pot recipes

Complete: Detailed information on every single monster and boss

Innovative back cover fold-out ensures you have a constant overview of the legend

“Can do” texts and “must do” texts differentiated


The entire sample page pack

All the sample pages from the Dragon Quest™ Complete Official Guide available in one easy download.


EditionStandard Edition
Release date13/04/2006
Price£12.99 / EUR 14.99 / AUD 34.95
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