News: Assassin’s Creed Unity – The Complete Official Guide

I was already a diehard Assassin’s Creed fan when I joined the team almost half a decade ago. With its expansive environments, unforgettable characters and history-rich narrative filled with secret wars and age-old conspiracies, I almost felt as if the Assassin’s Creed universe had been tailor-made for me.

There is something magical about Assassin’s Creed – something that transcends the various mediums through which its stories are told, an intangible quality that only a rarified few universes possess, but all covet. It is this intangible element that we attempted to channel when defining the next generation of Assassin’s Creed.

Ultimately, Assassin’s Creed Unity is about our fans – a player-centric sandbox that allows you to live your own unique experience in the most ambitious environment we have ever created: Paris at the height of the French Revolution.

Built to unprecedented scale, Unity’s Paris features dozens of faithfully reproduced landmarks, hundreds of interiors and a labyrinthine underground network of endless sewers and catacombs. But what truly sets Unity apart is a redefined experience. Unity invites you to learn from your environment, then use your versatile arsenal to manipulate it to your advantage. It is about finding your own path, and giving you the possibility of sharing it with up to three friends in a seamless cooperative experience.

With a whole new design philosophy focusing on open-ended missions, in a world teeming with challenges and secrets to be found, you will find this extensive book to be an invaluable companion as you explore the merciless streets of 18th-century revolutionary Paris. Within its densely packed pages lie the answers and insights that will help you make the most of your gaming experience and reap countless invaluable rewards – all of this laid out with an emphasis on stunning game visuals and art.

With this outstanding guide in hand, I trust that you will have as much fun playing Assassin’s Creed Unity as we had creating it.

Alex Amancio
Creative Director, Assassin’s Creed Unity

The Assassin’s Creed Unity Official Guide is available now in two distinct editions: a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition:

- The softcover Standard Edition guide includes a map poster covering the entire game area, is printed on high-quality paper, and has 276 packed pages.

- The Collector’s Edition guide is printed on high-quality paper and bound in a hard cover. It includes an extra-large map poster and is limited to just one print run. The extra 32-page section includes a concept art tour of the game world and a cast gallery with signature quotes from the main protagonists.

The 312-page Assassin's Creed Unity Official Guide is available now in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Test the guide now and download 34 sample pages for free. Click here!