News: Final Fantasy XV – The Complete Official Guide

“Restore the outlook of FINAL FANTASY from that of a jaded champion, back to being an eager challenger, aiming to be an RPG that could truly be called AAA standard.” This was the target I set when the FFXV project started.

Looking back on my memories of playing FINAL FANTASY from before I started working on it, the series was always a challenger to the title that paved the way for new and exciting eras. So I thought about what FFXV needed to do in order to be that way once again.

Firstly, I made the idea of a “journey with your closest friends” the central axis of the player’s experience, something that could only be realized using the latest technology.

I also decided to implement an open-world structure and action-based battle system, to create a completely free sense of adventure. On top of that, I decided to recreate all the classic FINAL FANTASY elements using cutting-edge technology. Finally, I decided that we would deliver this new full-spec FINAL FANTASY, worthy of the latest-generation, to players all over the world at the same time.

As I come to write these comments now, I can say that my many comrades and I are succeeding with all of the challenges that we took on during our own journey. We may have come up against obstacles on numerous occasions, but we were able to overcome them every time, growing and developing along the way to reach where we are right now. Nothing about this project did not present a challenge, and I believe that everyone involved was genuinely able to develop themselves through their involvement.

In that sense, you can say that FFXV truly is the latest installment in the series, as it was created by the same people who made the previous games what they are, but having matured and grown even further as creators than ever before. So it brings me great joy to be able to deliver this title to all our fans around the world with a simultaneous release.

Now let me say one thing about this book, or rather, about the way that the Piggyback team do their work. It was during the final phase of development that their job began – having to unravel an exceptionally unstable game that was full of flaws. At this stage, the balancing work was still incomplete and the game was far from what you could call playable. Even so, they stayed in Tokyo for several weeks and worked right there beside the development team, tenaciously playing unstable versions of the game without a day of rest. I sincerely hold their work in high regard, and have come to see that this guide they have created is an exceptional piece of work, being the perfect partner for adventurers everywhere.

Finally, to all our fans who waited so long for this game – thank you very much for supporting us the whole time. We really did put everything we had into FFXV because of a simple desire to make everyone out there happy, so nothing would please me more than to know of you having fun with our game.

FINAL FANTASY XV Director, Hajime Tabata

The Final Fantasy XV Official Guide is available now in North America, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia:

There are two editions of the guide:

- The softcover Standard Edition guide includes a map poster covering the massive playable game area, is printed on high-quality paper, and has 324 packed pages.

- The Collector’s Edition guide is printed on high-quality paper and bound in a premium hard cover. It includes an extra-large map poster as well as an exclusive lithograph and is limited to just one print run. The extra 32-page art gallery includes commentaries and personal input from the development team.

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