Silent Hill 2 - The Official Strategy Guide
Silent Hill™ 2 - The Official Strategy Guide

Complete step by step Walkthrough with all the tips and tricks.

Solutions to all the puzzles for all four difficulty levels - with small hints to help you on your way within the Walkthrough or complete solutions in the Secrets Chapter.

There's no such thing as chance! Which of the five story endings you experience is dependent on 29 different factors, all of which are detailed here.

So you think you've seen everything? Hidden video sequences, options, and extra game modes? All of these are uncovered in the Secrets chapter.

Release date: 23/11/2001
Pages: 164
ISBN: 1-903511-23-2
EAN: 978-1-903511-23-7
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Price: £10.99
Language: English
Format: PlayStation®2
Editor(s): Klaus-Dieter Hartwig


"Make sure you don't leave home without this guide"


"Essential guide to an essential game", 25/12/2012

"An amazing guide!", 07/01/2002




100% walkthrough
All secrets revealed
Detailed information about all of the monsters
Every detail on all items
Complete game system for both beginners and experienced gamers
Optimal strategies to apply against bosses

Ease of use

Use of colour coding
Tab system
A quick-search index gives you immediate access to the information you seek
2D maps


Top quality screenshots to illustrate playing tactics
Original artwork
Exclusive artwork


210mm x 280mm (8.26 in. x 11.02 in.)
Sheet-fed printing
High quality paper (135 gsm)
Cover with spot varnish effect
Matt laminated cover
Stitch bind