Parasite Eve II - The Official Strategy Guide
Parasite Eve™ II - The Official Strategy Guide

Convenient use of coloured text defining where items are found (red) and used (blue)

Highest quality screenshots to illustrate playing tactics

Detailed maps of all areas, indicating Save Points and Ammunition Cases

Background story to main characters

Thorough explanation of the Parasite Eve™ II game system: Critical Hits, Parasite Energies, Status Abnormalities Weapons, Ammunition and Armour

All tips, secrets and puzzles revealed

Release date: 25/08/2000
Pages: 100
ISBN: 1-903511-05-4
EAN: 978-1-903511-05-3
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Price: £9.99
Language: English
Format: PlayStation™
Editor(s): Michael Martin



100% walkthrough
All secrets revealed
Every detail on all items
Complete game system for both beginners and experienced gamers
Optimal strategies to apply against bosses

Ease of use

Use of colour coding
Tab system
A quick-search index gives you immediate access to the information you seek
2D maps


Top quality screenshots to illustrate playing tactics
Original artwork
Exclusive artwork


210mm x 280mm (8.26 in. x 11.02 in.)
Sheet-fed printing
High quality paper (100 gsm)
Matt laminated cover