Zelda: The Wind Waker - Piggyback's Official Strategy Guide
Zelda™: The Wind Waker™ - Piggyback's Official Strategy Guide

The Legend Lives On

…and this latest book from Piggyback ensures that you have all information at your fingertips.

The Legend of Zelda - the Wind Waker is covered from start to finish in these 198 full-colour pages. With over 5 month's in development, this guide ensures that you discover everything in Link's latest adventure: secrets, mini games, sub-quests, characters, puzzles, maps, weapons and more. This book offers a quick entry for novices as well as all the detail required by seasoned Zelda gamers.

56 pages dedicated to secrets, mini games and sub-quests alone!

Release date: 02/05/2003
Pages: 198
ISBN: 1-903511-40-2
EAN: 978-1-903511-40-4
Availability: Sold out

Price: £9.99 / EUR 14,99 / AUD 29.95
Language: English
Format: GameCube™
Editor(s): Michael Martin, Klaus-Dieter Hartwig


"This guide is amazing"

Amazon.co.uk, 15/08/2003

"The guide is simply marvellous"


"Great Help"





Optimal strategies to apply against bosses
100% walkthrough
All secrets revealed
Detailed information about all of the monsters
Every detail on all items
Complete game system for both beginners and experienced gamers

Ease of use

Use of colour coding
"Can do" texts and "must do" texts differentiated
User friendly tab system guarantees precise information immediately
A quick-search index gives you immediate access to the information you seek
New back cover fold-out gives you even more overview
3D maps
2D maps


Top quality screenshots to illustrate playing tactics
Original artwork
Exclusive artwork


210mm x 280mm (8.26 in. x 11.02 in.)
Sheet-fed printing
High quality paper (135 gsm)
Cover with spot varnish effect
Matt laminated cover