Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - The Official Guide
Pro Evolution Soccer 5™ - The Official Guide

The Beautiful Guide

The fifth in the Pro Evolution Soccer series is the truest and most detailed reproduction of the beautiful game to date. Its virtues can be appreciated within a few games, but it takes months of dedication to fully master - which is why Piggyback has spent almost half a year creating an all-encompassing guide, working on-site in Tokyo with the game's development team and in collaboration with the UK and Europe's top Pro Evolution Soccer experts.

This guide gives you first time, exclusive, in-depth insights from the development team!

Release date: 21/10/2005
Pages: 222
ISBN: 1-903511-77-1
EAN: 978-1-903511-77-0
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Price: £10.99 / EUR 14,99
Language: English
Format: PC, PlayStation®2, Xbox®
Editor(s): James Price


"More depth than your brain could ever handle"


"Everything players need to know"


"You may believe you know a lot about PES5..."





This guide gives you first time, exclusive, in-depth insights from the development team!
The world’s best teams presented in a massive dedicated team and player chapter
We reveal how to combat the stamina and fatigue systems
We let you in on how every player ability and special ability works
In-depth explanation on every detail behind the game mechanics such as passing, shooting, goalkeeping, penalties, player positions, choice of captain and much more
We disclose tactical advice: from team formations to winning strategies

Ease of use

User friendly tab system guarantees precise information immediately
A quick-search index gives you immediate access to the information you seek
All pages in full colour
3D maps


Each page features an individual design
Original artwork
Exclusive artwork
Top quality screenshots and in-depth diagrams to illustrate playing tactics


210mm x 280mm (8.26 in. x 11.02 in.)
High quality paper (135 gsm)
Metallic foil on cover
Matt laminated cover

The Official Guide

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The Official Guide